- Simple irrigation systems for regenerative landscapes
Save water, time and money with graywater, rainwater and stormwater harvesting systems. Learn DIY basics from us or hire our certified installers to do it for you!
Laundry to Landscape Graywater We can divert your washing machine so its waste water irrigates your landscape- legally, without a permit. We also offer consultation on branched drain and other permitted systems for baths and showers.
Rain and Stormwater Catchment We can help you catch rain off your roof in one larger tank or a series of linked containers- either connected to a downspout or freestanding with a RainSaucerTM.You can also store the rainwater that falls directly onto your yard- in the ground itself, with swales and rain gardens!
DIY Classes & Workshops
We offer educational demonstration workshops for your neighborhood, gardening or eco fair, nursery, trade organization, school, or other group.
Free Installation Consultation
We can teach you how, install a system for you, or share the work with you to keep costs down.  Schedule a free site visit in the Santa Cruz, CA area. Let's save some water!

Meet us at
Lafayette Earth Day Celebration
Sun, April 20 - Lafayette, CA Library

Santa Cruz Reskilling Expo
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Scotts Valley Garden Fair
Sat, June 23 - Sky Park, Scotts Valley, CA

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